Late Registration Period Begins Today

Late Registration Period Begins Today

by Pennie Koch -
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Dear Students,

Late Registration for the Spring 2014 semester begins today June, 23rd

If you are eligible to take the Equine Residency in the fall and have not taken ANS6153 Equine Behavior and Intervention please register for it this semester or you will not be able to take the residency.

Remember, if your budget is an issue, you may use the Tuition Installment Plan to break the cost of your tuition into three equal payments.

If you will not be registering for the coming semester, do not forget to file an SAR for a Leave of Absence.  Two unofficial LOA’s will result in being Administratively Withdrawn please file your SAR.  If you are currently on a leave of absence and wish to register, you will need to file an SAR to Return to Program.


Pennie Koch

Student Services