Winter Late Registration Begins Today

Re: Winter Late Registration Begins Today

by Katherine Zupancic -
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I am not sure what to do. I contacted my bank yesterday regarding the two $600 money orders that I sent to A.C.A.S. on December 13, 2014. The money orders have not yet been cashed and I have to wait 90 days to have them voided should they be lost in the mail. I need to register for ANS 6001 Exploration of Animal Behavior II for winter quarter. I will have Carmen Sandell send payment tomorrow Dec. 26. Do I need to pay a late fee, I hope not since this issue of the college not receiving my money by the due date is not my fault. This is extremely frustrating and I will never send money orders again. I must get into this course because my current employer requires that I continue each quarter with at least one course. Please have someone email or phone me tomorrow to advise me as to where I stand in this process. Again, I am sorry for the lateness in my payment. I don't know what else to do since my bank won't put a stop on the money orders I sent Dec. 13 until a significant amount of time has passed. Being lost in the mail is anyone's guess as to how this will turn out. Katherine Zupancic