ACAS Excel Data Graphing Webinar - Scheduling with Doodle

ACAS Excel Data Graphing Webinar - Scheduling with Doodle

by Robert DeFranco, MS, ABD, BCBA, BCCAB -
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Excel Spreadsheet Art

Graphing data and displaying it to your caregiver clients with baseline and intervention results is a powerful tool that can enhance your consulting practice or the work that you do for other organizations.

We are scheduling a 60 minute live presentation by Robert DeFranco, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Board Certified Companion Animal Behaviorist for ACAS students on how to graph data collected in your animal training sessions using Microsoft Office 2013 Excel. If you do not own or have access to MS Excel, you could use Apache Open Office, LibreOffice or NeoOffice; free downloadable open-source programs. Note that the exact steps for grahing in each program may vary from those taught in Excel however, the concepts will remain the same.

Please enter the February 2015 time period that is best for you to attend. The Webinar will be scheduled at the best time for all based upon the results of the Doodle survey. To enter the date and time that you  prefer for this event to take place, please us our Doodle scheduling tool

Students in Robert DeFranco's current WI15 courses will receive full credit for a SIIM when completing this Webinar.