Spring 2018 Open Registration Began Monday, February 12th

Spring 2018 Open Registration Began Monday, February 12th

by Pennie Koch -
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Dear Students,

Open Registration for the Spring 2018 semester began Monday, February 12th!  Late registration for this coming semester will begin March 5th, so register early to avoid any late fees!

Starting with the Spring 2018 semester the registration period will be cut from six weeks to a four-week period.  The spring registration period will end on Sunday, March 11th.

Remember, if your budget is an issue, you may use the Tuition Installment Plan to break the cost of your tuition into three payments.

The registration procedure has been updated.  You will now only see the courses in your program on the course registration screen.  It will show you the courses you have completed, courses that you have not met the prerequisites, and courses available for you to register into.  If you have been approved to take a course that you have not met perquisites for you will need to contact Pennie Koch in student services to register.

If you will not be registering for the coming semester, do not forget to file an SAR for a Leave of Absence. If you are currently on a leave of absence and wish to register, you will need to file an SAR to Return to Program.  Remember, effective July 1, 2014 the Leave of Absence policy was changed.  Please read the Continuous Registration policy below and if you have any questions contact Student Services.

Pennie Koch

Manager of Student Services