Late Registration for Spring 2019 Begins Monday, February 25th.

Late Registration for Spring 2019 Begins Monday, February 25th.

by Pennie Koch -
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Dear Students,

Late Registration for the Spring 2019 semester will BEGIN on Monday, February 25th and will END on Sunday, March 3rd! 

Remember, if your budget is an issue, you may use the Tuition Installment Plan to break the cost of your tuition into three payments.

NOTE:  The Canine and Feline Academic Residency labs will be available for the spring semester.  The Canine ARL will start on April 1st the first day of the semester so all pre-residency requirements will need to be completed before the semester starts.  For this reason, all students who register will have access to documentation on March 1st.

If you are currently on LOA you will need to file an SAR for Return to Program to be eligible to register.

If you will not be registering for the coming semester, do not forget to file an SAR for a Leave of Absence. If you are currently on a leave of absence and wish to register, you will need to file an SAR to Return to Program.  Remember, effective July 1st the Leave of Absence policy was changed.  Please read the Continuous Registration below and if you have any questions contact Student Services.

Continuous Registration Policy

It is college policy that students be continuously registered in their academic program until the completion of all degree requirements. Exceptions to this policy are in the case of students who are on an official leave of absence (LOA) which can extend for a period of no more than two (2) consecutive semesters unless special permission is received by the VP Academic Affairs, usually for extraordinary circumstances.  If you are not presently enrolled and did not file an official LOA request you will be required to register for the following semester or you will be administratively withdrawn from the program.  Students who are in violation of the Continuous Registration policy are subject to administrative withdrawal from the college by the registrar if no enrollment occurs after one (1) semester. Students who wish to appeal this decision may do so to the VP of Academic Affairs.

Thank you,

Pennie Koch

Manager of Student Services