US cracks down on dogfighting. Can pit bulls find a home?

Re: US cracks down on dogfighting. Can pit bulls find a home?

by zLesley Young -
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I think it is great that there is a crack down, but I am really concerned about these dogs going back into society.  Is there are requirement that they are muzzled in public? 

I do not believe that a Pit Bull specificaly bred from fighting lines can ever be considered truly safe in society. 

In my own Training School back in England we had what we thought was a boxer cross staffordshire bull terrier.  She showed minor aggression twice to other dogs but no damage, just snappy.  We worked hard with the owners and she passed her Good Citizen which includes socialization. One of my team, after I left to come here, took her to the Agility training field.  She broke into the sheep pen and nearly killed a sheep.  She locked on and it took five of them to get her off.  She was PTS.  The sheep needed reconstrutive surgery to it's face.

I met a friendly pit bull at leaving the local dog park off the lead here.  It just went right through my three and gave appeasement gestures to Mace, but this thing was solid muscle.  Must have weighed more than my three put together.  If he had chosen to be aggressive the whole point is that they pretty much can do what they like and no-one's going to stop them short of a bullet. 

I do not believe it is fair on the other dogs in society, or kids, to re-home these pit bulls, unless they are muzzled.  It is all very well but we have to respect what we have created here!